What's the survey for?Edit

For those who want to be Administrators.If you want/need to become one,you can't just

say so because you're my friend,etc. (FinnXFPFan212 and Mattcocanut are exceptions.)

You need a reason.But not JUST A REASON.You have to fill up a survey!Yay!Of course,

you need proof that you're worthy of being an admin or chat moderator.Lists of administrators

are here.

The SurveyEdit

Ok!Finally,the survey's here!Just check with a X in each box that describes your personality/responsibility.

[ ] I have FULL responsibility for my doings.

[ ] I am certified PURE AT fan.

[ ] I am certified Pinoy and proud of it!

[ ] I do important tasks as early as possible.

[ ] I finish tasks/submit work on time.

[ ] Pure Filipino (please specify your other nationality/s if you have any)

[ ] I have good grammar (of course,Administrators should have good grammar!)

That's all and it's easy to fill up,no? Fill up the survey below.Comment it!

You can only be promoted to a mod.We have a lot of administrators.